Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holidys in our New House

We started out the holiday season in our new house right: 33 people, 6 tables, 1 ham, 1 turkey and countless sides, and sweets. Check out the line up of tables!

Abby Grace mixing drinks! Shes of the mindset that if you mix 7up in Coke it makes the Coke less "spicey".
Excited to see the Holiday Lights with her warm clothes and warm milkey!

Putting up our tree
We love our new house and are looking forward to the rest of our Christmases here.

Lu at the Husky Game!

She sees purple and she says GO! Huskies!! We only make Huskies in this house! She did fantastic at the game. We had an RV where she warmed up before the game at the Tailgate. She was a trooper through the whole game! She passed out in the 4th quarter and slept all the way through until we got off the bus at our car. The outfit change is due to Mama adding a few too many layers... She couldn't move her arms to clap!!

Marching to the game


The big cheese!

Tuckered out baby. I can't remember the last time she fell asleep in my arms.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Catching up

It's been a busy few months. We bought and moved into a new place about half a mile from our old house. We needed a little more room to grow, more storage, and a little more quiet. We got all 3 things - and more. Heres a link to the photos on my Facebook of the new house. We all love it here and are already completely moved in. The house was built in 1969. It's a 1 owner home. The family used a local builder and we even got the original blueprints. We are enjoying the neighborhood. We have really nice neighbors and there are tons of kids in the neighborhood ranging in ages from 4 months to 14 years. A perfect babysitter down the street just completed her babysitters course!! We are looking forward to growing old and raising our family here.

We had a great summer. Luka is getting smarter and smarter by the minute. She amazes me daily with her depth of knowledge, her sass, and her silliness. She is a great person. Shes running circles around the new house, asking to go potty (though she has yet to go tinkle more than once), she has about 50-75 words... maybe more, she just had her first dentist visit, was a turtle for Halloween, has a new cousin, and likes to try on mama's bra! Our life is spinning happily- hence the lack of posts! Here's just a few pics of the end of summer and early fall.
Hanging with Si at C&P.... summer's almost gone!

Tryin on mama's boots!

Hitting up the beach on her first roadtrip vacation. We Traveled to the tri-cities for the hydros, and then drove to the Oregon Coast. She loved it!

No drinking the bathwater Lu!!
No.. I'm not.

So happy to be clean! And so dang cute!

Hiking outside of Leavenworth. We are above a river and she could not tear her eyes away from the raging water.

Camping for the 4th of July!

Swimming with Uncle Joshey and Jojo and Papa.

Party time with Gracie-Mae. Girlie overnights are super fun!
Family Portraits, and 1 year photos.

More camping... feeding mama.

Hanging out at Seafiar with her bud Jojo. In a blow up Miller Hydro no less.

Oregon Coast

Silly girl on the beach.

My little turtle, with Grandma on Halloween.

Si and Lu at Whale tale park.

Trying on Mrs. Potato Head's glasses.

Listening in on the hydroplane drivers with Papa.

Swinging on the porch at the KOA camping. (it was the last camp site available ANYWHERE!)

New Cousin - baby Kaden Michael. Born 10/14/09.

Tata, Papa, sisi & lu. Who BTW will NEVER be able to have candy again. Swear!

Check out that tail!

OK OK I Could post 8,000 photos, but the last one is super cute! Lu at the dentist for the first time. She did such a good job. Didn't freak out at all!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Some things don't change

Seafair 2008

Seafair 2009

It's too much.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Girl!

So she's officially ONE year old now!

It's so crazy to us. She's a totally independent, smart, and funny girl.  I am so amazed every day. She has about 14 or 15 words already. The Dr. is impressed with her verbal skills. She said she is speaking at the level of a 15 or 18 month old!! Here's just some of the words: Hi, Mama, Papa, Tata (French for Aunty), Si Si, JoJo, Tuh Tuh (Tatey) Toot toot (our cat), chhh (cheese), Ba! (ball), Boon (balloon), shhho (shoe), cie (Gracie)  AND what's this?
The Dr. was really impressed when she said "what's this" during the visit. Her eyes got big! I was one proud mama. She then proceeded to send in the nurse with 2 giant needles to stab Lu's little chubby leg with her immunizations. She really cried hard this time. So hard she was hyperventilating. I finally thought that if I nursed her she would calm down, as I unzipped my hoodie, I zipped her leg up in my zipper!!!! I felt TERRIBLE! I did not think her crying could get any harder.... it did. 

Crazy birthday girl. This is about as "cake faced" as she got. 

Tatey thinking about how that ball and tee look better than his yummy banana cake right now. "BA!" I love his green cake beard.

"Uncle Dan! You get that camera out of my face- RIGHT NOW!"
If you haven't been witness to Silas's preaching, check it out. It's the best.
Good cake face. 

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to. 

Look at that Audience! You can't see about half of them!

the caaaaaake. 

She finally figured out how to blow into the noise maker! She was obviously very proud of her self, as was her grandma... and whom ever is clapping in the foreground.

You only get one FIRST birthday cake! You better make it a good one. Thanks to Mimi of Splendid Cupcake. (I designed her logo... she makes da' bomb cupcakes -- and cake.)

Jeez, does it get any cuter, really?

Uncle Zach and Tatey and Colin came over on my actual birthday and taught me how to hit off a tee and how to field balls. 
Grandma and grandpa down at Alki for my birthday dinner. 

George from C&P Coffee gave me a banana for my birthday. It was so yummy I could not wait until mama opened it.
My BIG girl. I am amazed in her. 

All three in a row. What a fun day.

Leah & Erin- I'm so glad our kids can share an experience like this. I am looking forward to so many more shared fun experiences. Maybe a wedding? No pressure, kids. really.