Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Times are changing in the Jaramillo house. For 1 year and 5 months of Luka's life she has spent 3 days of her weeks with Addie, our nanny and Addie's daughter, Gracie. After several months of trying my hand at caring for Silas I realized I was not cut out for the job of being a nanny. Craigslist to the rescue! I found a gal who wanted to make some extra money and watch another child at home with her little girl. It turned out that this sweet little baby was 10 days Luka's Jr. Sweet little Gracie Mae and her Mama Addie turned out to be the best craigslist find I've ever found. I distinctly remember the day we interviewed her. Luka crawled right up in Addies lap. The girls were immediately happy together, and you could see their connection instantly. When we left the car was silent for a little as Dan and I both processed what we had each experienced. About 3 minutes passed and we looked at each other with giant smiles on our faces and asked "Do we really need to interview any one else?" We didn't do another interview. We've had it great. Addie is a fantastic mother to Gracie, and I've always felt that I had a confidant in the battle and joy that is motherhood. She knows my child nearly as well as I do. We could sympathize and relate with eachother because we were experiencing exactly the same things. Not only as individual parents to our children, but she helping me raise my child when I could not. Everyday we would share the struggles and joys in our morning talks, over facebook and through texts and phone calls. Addie has decided to make a career change, and while we are beyond sad to see her go we are happy for the new experiences it will bring for Luka. I hope that we can keep these two girls together as BFF's for as long as possible. They are like sisters, and I have no question that their smart little brains are going to understand what it means to miss one another. Hopefully we can keep their lives coordinated enough that they won't have to.

And so now.... Craigslist to the rescue for the 2nd time!! With another ad for a an amazing caregiver Luka began the next chapter in her early learning career today. On to Tiny Tribe! Jena received the Caregiver of the Year award in 2008 and it was hands down obvious why when we visited. On top of her organization and her ability to orchestrate the day, the children and her teachers, she sent me 5 photo texts today! I was dreading loosing this connection to Lu through out the day, and apparently I won't loose it. Then did you see her blog?? She cooks all organic food, and thinks of all these fun crafts, and MAN these kids really clean up after them selves. I am in awe.

Jena sort of made me feel overwhelmed with all that I am not doing for her on the days when I am with Lu. I don't ignore her, we play and have a great time, and she's so smart so I know I've not been too far off the mark, but seeing all that can happen in the day... SHEESH! I'm overwhelmed but excited to see what Luka will be able to accomplish. I am overjoyed to have found this place.

Thankfully Jena had an opening for Silas too! So Lu gets to be with her other best buddie. When we came in today. Silas was sitting at the table eating his breakfast, he said "Hi, Yuka! I eating oatmeal!" Then when she sat down next to him, he said "Yuka, You want to sit by me?" Made my heart sing.

A big day like this can only be complete with a special treat from her papa. Quesadillas, and chocolate milk shakes. That's my girl.