Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Here's our funny girl! She's been acting like Stevie Wonder everytime she puts on our sunglasses. Moving her body and head form side to side. It's hysterical. I found these sunglasses at Target, and I thought I was going to pee my pants, she was being such an entertainer in them. People were coming around the corner to see what all the ruckus was. 

See my teefs! 4 on top now!

Check out that dimple!


Are you cracking up yet?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Luka goes Camping

Luka sleeping in the carrier during our hike down the river.

Luka pretty much had a captive audience the entire time we were up at Red Bridge with the Kostelecky Clan. My good friend Wayne and his family camp up at Red bridge every year during Memorial day weekend. We decided this would be a good oppurtunity for us to get our feet wet camping with Luka. We LOVE camping, and have been dying to take her with us. She is just about mobile and we thought it would be a good idea to learn what we need before taking a longer trip over Fathers day - when--- well she might just be mobile!!! We're talking walking people! The trip was great. We literally did not bring any thing but a case of beer, a package of cookies,  some chips and dip, and our tent.... oh yea, and a load of Luka things. ;) 

The Kostelecky crew took care of our every other need. And the camp site was so nice and giant. Lauren, Drew and Nicholas really had a good time helping us with her. Hats off to Lauren who was pretty much our baby sitter the entire time. We were able to sit and chat by the fire and know Lu was in good hands. Luka loved her and the boys. 

Eating Lunch with her boys.


How cute are Drew and Nicholas. CUTE! There's the red bridge in the background.

Luka's cowboy, Wayne.

Hiking with papa and The Kosteleckys.

Trying to kiss Drew through the tent.

Her captive audience.

Lauren and the doggie taking Lu to the river... c'mon are those are capable hands, or what? Even the dog was waiting to protect her!

Yea Drew! Play in my tent with me!

Thanks guys for having us and treating us so kindly. We'll be back next year if you'll have us!