Friday, January 1, 2010

Well 2010 is here! 2009 brought many good things. Luka's 1st brithday, a new house, renters in our old place (with a 2 year lease!), good health in our 3-some, a preggo best friend, and a strong group of great friends getting older and happy together. But it brought a few things that tear my heart up. Loosing my Dad was the worst thing that 2009 brought to me. I welcome you into my life 2010, please be kind, loving, happy and safe. 2010 please envelope my friends and their loved ones with health and happiness, and may any misfortune be minimal.

Our Christmas holiday was a great time. Lukas interest in gifts and un wrapping this year was much more involved than last year. She's full of expression and it's fantastic to watch her face when she's excited. She's mastered the 'o' shaped mouth - face of excitement and surprise. The items that topped her list were a trike with a parent handle. It's so awesome. It's like an old school Radio Flyer tricycle but it has a handle on the back that we can push her with AND steer for her! She can't reach the pedals all the way yet, but by the summer I think this won't be an issue. Papa surprised her (and me... sneeky guy) with her own play kitchen! It's awesome. I love it when she wakes up and says COOK! Mama, I cook. Among other showerings of gifts, she received a table just her size. She loves to color (when she says it it sounds like Kullah - it kills me) so we leave it set up for that random desire to Kullah.

We are beyond thankful to our families for being so fun and welcoming. Christmas Eve dinner at my Brother & Mom's house was splendid. White Elephants at Dan's parents was surprisingly full of good gag gifts! And the Tamales at Dan's brothers were delectable as they are every year.

New Years Eve was spent here at our house with fun crowd of parents and kids. We had the kid party. I love being able to relax and have conversations and adore our kids together. It does not get better. We even had SEVEN overnight guests!!! 3 kids and 4 adults! Luka's giggles when she realized that Tatey, Colin and JoJo were still here were priceless. These kids love eachother so much it makes me cry. With Colin's tickling Luka's chin and saying "Cutie" and all his kisses, to Tate "nacks" shouts, to Luka's "Hiey Jojo, Hiey Tatey", and all the rounds of laps those kids can take around our house. Oh and Gracies booty and hip shaking... I can't even describe how a kid can be so cute.

Here's a few pics for your enjoyment. New Years pics will be up later after I up load them.