Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Hair Cute.... er, I mean CUT!

And remember in my earlier post when I was talking about her being full of emotion. Check out this photo. Perfect example of why she needed a hair cut and how crazy she can be. Love it!

So full of emotion


Our child has no shortage of emotions. This photo shoot was taken over the course of an hour. Her face is so expressive.





She's really blossoming into a little girl, I am feeling like the baby in her is less and less with every new word she utters and every milestone that we pass.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Friends & blogging

Luka has a ton of friends. This last week we had so much fun with a lot of our friends. We hosted Wes & Jenny on Tuesday for coffee and Scones. It was great to catch up and to help encourage Wes in walking. He was on the very verge of walking and looks like he's done it! Good luck Jenny & Jeff. Walking is fun! Jenny's blog is pretty inspiring and when we talked about how jealous I was of her smart, sassy, informative, and well done blog she told me her secrets. She said that while she is crafty she's not a scrapbooker. She found a website where she could download her blog posts and turn them into a printed book! She's done one a year since she discovered it. So she makes her posts of good quality, well written, and edits her photos so they looks awesome. Plus she's a great photographer so that helps. I am totally going to do this! Her trick for editing is a quick and easy online photo editing call I've tested it out with several... ok ok so more like a ton, of photos. I love the 1969 tool. It rounds the corners like I love and the colors are too cool.

So back to our friends. Wednesday we watched Joey. It was a blast! I've been taking Lu to the play gym at the Community Centers on Tuesdays with Leah and Silas. We missed out because of our play date with Wes, but Wednesday came and Lu was BEGGING to go. She was so insistent. GYM! GYM, mama! We found another community center that was open and the kids had a blast. It was so hard to get the out of the gym to go home for naps.

Friday night we hosted Gracie for an overnight, so her Mom and Dad could move into a new house. The girls have a very strong love-hate passionate relationship. Mostly dictated by Lu's attitude, which is pretty sassy. We DO NOT watch wrestling, and Dan and I really only have tickle wars (which are not violent), so I am not sure where she learned how to do a suplex. But she loves to come behind Gracie, wrap her arms around her chest, lift her off her feet and then slam her into the ground. Gracie is a though girl, and getting tougher by the day. I have no doubt that she'll turn the tables on Lu one day. The girls had a very fun bath which left my bathroom a soaked mess. It was fun none the less.

Lu's word flow is utterly incredible. We had her 18 month well check up and the Dr could not stop talking about how smart she is. Said, "Her vocabulary is well beyond that of a 2 year old. Be prepared for her to be talking like a 16 year old when she's 3!" Yaoza. She's doing great with he ABC's, she can count to 5. She's says other numbers beyond 5 just not in order. She loves tea parties with Papa, loves to color, and Playdough is especially cool.

These are her new boots, she won't really wear them, but they are a 9 so I am hoping that her chubby feet slim down a little in the next year or so so she will wear them. How cute are they?!?! Every girl needs some red boots!

Well, that was a giant post. Thanks for following us and keeping up with our family.