Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Tonight we took the side rail off Luka's crib. We purchased a twin big girl bed for her the other day, but it seemed like too much of a jump to put her in the giant twin straight from a crib. So we took the front rail off and added the toddler guards.

Our usual nightly routine is Lu's special ni-night song which involves an ending where I am cradling her in my arms and then I lay her down. Tonight I made it as far as laying her down before she stopped me and said, "no mama, I do it my self". She then crawled out of bed and climbed back up in with a big smile on her face. I still tucked her in. ;)

15 minutes later she climbed out of bed and came to the door to tell me that her binky fell down. But its been about 30 minutes and I think were good. I am not kidding myself to think that my smartie little girl is not going to figure out ways to push the envelope... I know there will be nights I end up with a toddler in my bed, but I love my little girl even when she is skeeming.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Luka at her first Concert

I am a HUGE Ray LaMontagne fan. If you don't know who he is, go find him. He's an amazing lyricist, vocalist, instrumentalist etc. I love him and could listen (and do listen) most every day. I came unglued when they added Seattle to their recent tour. We initially were going to have a date night, but we decided that Lu would love it too so we brought her. She did in fact love it. The people you'll hear laughing are our "neighbors" on the grass. They loved her. I love it when she see's their faces and realizes that they are giggling at her.


laughter is the best remedy

This video was a little late to catch the best of the laughter, but its pretty good.

Lu and Gracie have bot seen eachother in a while and we got to hang out for the afternoon. Much of the day was filled with side splitting laughter. Not just for them but for me.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Potty funnies

Luka is doing a pretty dang good job on the potty. She's struggling a little with the #2's and has had a few accidents.... but we are on a path to success. The other night things were a little too quiet, and Lu's door to her room was shut. Dan cracked the door slightly to see what she was doing. He found her on the potty pinching her nose closed from the stink. Ha Ha.

*Yes, the potty is in her room because that's where she would go to make #2's.