Thursday, May 28, 2009

My little Dancer!

Luka LOVES to dance!!! She grooves all the time - to Dan singing, to her musical instrument toys, to the radio, and to an old Friends CD - Niko. I went to Middle School with Nicole or Niko as she calls her self. Luka just loves the whole CD. Please ignore my annoying terrible singing along. Oh and be sure to watch to the end so you can see the most awesome poop face! Poopin' and Dancin'!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Dad, The Grandpa

Dad's health is better today than it was a week ago, but it's been rough going over the last month or so. We found out Saturday that he has had a urinary tract infection that was raging in his body and causing major levels of psychosis. We had originally thought that this was the next stage of the lung cancer - that it had spread to his brain - and it was the brain cancer that was causing the psychosis. Thankfully he is being treated with antibiotics and today my encounter with my Dad was... well, it was my real Dad. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. 

Luka is such a copy cat these days.... You massage feet and she wants to too, you talk on the phone and she wants to too, rub Purel on your hands and Luka rubs her hands together -- oh and my fav (said with great sarcasm) FLUSH the toilet and she wants to too! :-)

My little brother is going to become a father! And My Parents will be Grandparents for the second time! We are very excited for the birth of Kevin and Jessica's first child. He's already a Daddy, as he raises his girlfriend, Jessica's son - Tallon, but this is his own flesh and blood. Jessica, the mama to Tallon and the new little one, is due at the end of October. They invited us out to dinner to be present for the revealing of the sex of the child. IT'S A BOY!!! Luka is pumped, although she wished it was a girl, she can't wait for her cousin to be here. Congrats you two. 

Uncle Kevin you are sooo funny!

My first Mothers Day

What an incredible day. My first Mothers day. I am an incredibly lucky woman to have such an amazing Husband and Child. I actually pinch myself most days to make sure that this is real. Dan took Luka and I out for the afternoon up to Snoqualamie. We hopped the old train up to North Bend, had lunch and then took the train back down to see the view of the Falls. We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around on the back roads - one of my favorite things to do in the whole world (thanks Dad!) - and chatting about how awesome it is to be Luka's parents, reminiscing about my labor and the last 10 months we've spent with this amazing person.  Luka enjoyed every minute of the afternoon. Especially the parts where she could flirt with all the strangers on the train, and ride in the new (to us) baby back pack on Papa's back.  

Play dates!

Luka is quite a popular girl. She has so many friends. Check out all these play dates!!!
Uncle Rich's Birthday Party
Wes and Jenny
Luka imparting her wisdom on teething toys. She's exactly 4 months older than Wesley, and, she's got EIGHT teeth now, so she's got a lot of info to share.
She also likes to impart her wisdom to Silas, but he's only 3 weeks her junior and he's not believing everything he hears. This discussion looks serious!
Giving Kisses... something these two are really good at.
Are you kidding me? Can Silas be any more cute?
Bella. She's so stinkin cute! She loaned Luka a TON of stuff to use when she was a baby, we delivered her goods back and hung out in the front yard for a bit. I love her flip flops.
Gracie. This is our nanny's (Addie) daughter. I watched Gracie for the afternoon one day so Addie could get some things done. I had heard that Luka and Gracie were quite the duo, and it was definitely the truth. Luka was so excited to show Gracie all her toys.

Grandma's Birthday

April 20th was Grandma's birthday. We made banana cake for her. Luka loves bananas, and since it's a Grandmothers job to be easy going and let her grandkids do what ever they want, we found out that Luka likes FROSTING too. 

I've been wanting to post these for so long. Sorry for taking so long, Mom & Dad.