Thursday, October 30, 2008

Getting caught up!

Visiting Auntie Leah in my Halloween outfit... their couch is such a good back drop!

Testing out my new cowgirl hat.

Our little bumble bee... it's too bad I cropped out the antennae, they are cute.

I've been wanting to post a bunch of stuff lately but Luka has been awake so much more during the day that I've been consumed with staring at her and talking with her, and trying to get her to roll over. She's got a little cold today and I she's taking a super long nap today! I should be working on jewelry stuff but.... this is too fun.

Here's an awesome video of Luka's other boyfriend Tate Daniel. Luka is teething... that's right TEETHING!! and she tries to bite on Tates arm. Hysterical. I'm betting there will be a little white tooth to take some pics of in the coming days! It's right below the surface and all of her shirts are being drenched in slobber!

Baby Loves Disco

Last Saturday I forfeited my Husky ticket to the UW vs. Notre Dame game so Luka and I could attend Baby Loves Disco with Jojo, Rachelle, Tate, Colin, and Erin. Baby loves Disco happens once a month in a night club that is retrofitted for kids during the day! They have a DJ, Lights, several bubble machines (I am sure that this an addition the evening club goers wish they could enjoy) and they even have a bar for the designated driving parent. It's was a blast! Joey and Colin were dancing around in their costumes, while Tate and Luka hung on to their dancing mommies. Tate was a pizza (a great hand me down from big brother), Jojo was a lobster, and Colin was a bat. Erin put her best witch costume on and Rachelle and I went as eachother.... I know lame. I didn't think my beer wench costume was really appropriate. ;) There were great handouts and free stuff like snacks and juice, and even BABYLEGS!! Luka scored a few pairs! She loves her babylegs. Here are a few photos of the day.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She ROLLS!!!!!!

Here are two awesome videos! Part one and Part two of Luka learning to roll over. She rolled over about a week ago and I have been trying to get her to do it again every day to no avail. I really wanted her to do it when Dan was here so that he could witness it. I spend such a great amount of time with her everyday, and because of that I am able to see all the firsts. I enjoy it very much, but I think of how hard it must be to be the Dad at work all day long while she goes through all these firsts. Thank goodness pop was here for her second attempt!!!!!! With the camera going no less!!!
Part 1
Part 1 takes place yesterday morning. She's still in her jammies and in such a good mood. Here's a shout out to all the grammas and grandpas out there!

Part 2....

were so proud of our sweet growing baby girl.

fall fall fall, lovely fall

Leah, Silas, Luka and I ventured out of the West Seattle neighborhood to visit Trophy Cupcakes in Wallingford on 45th. The owner was featured on Martha Stewart making her cupcakes. They made the chocolate graham cracker cupcake with marshmallow frosting on the show and we had to have it!! I know.... are you going to stab your self with desire yet?!! IT WAS DELISH!!! Luka even tried to get her hands on it. You should have seen her eyes. You would think that shes had some chocolate before. (no I did not give her any... I am selfish with food and treats... Joey doesn't share food, you know.)

After enjoying our coffee and cupcakes we headed over to Greenlake to walk off our treats. The days have been beautiful lately. Fall is in full swing and the leaves are amazing. As we drove to Greenlake there was a large truck in front of us that kicked up all the leaves on the ground. There were so many it looked like there was a tornado of yellow flying leaves in front of us. So fun. All over the park the kids were having an awesome time playing in the leaves. A dad even brough his rake to make a pile for his kids... too fun! Here are some shots of the rest of our fall afternoon out.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Waking up is hard to do

This video is long (4min) but it's so worth it. It's the best of all things that are Luka. The stretching, the faces, the wide eyes, the crazy hands, the expressions..... it's so fun. Enjoy! Oh and turn your volume up so you can hear our conversation at the end.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yesterday we had a great afternoon. Just hanging out and enjoying the gorgeous fall day. We bundled up and walked to our favorite hang out, C&P coffee. And sat in the cutest rocking chair! We gotta get one of these for home! Luka loved it. I can just see her in a few months figuring out the rocking and going to town. Then we walked up through the leaves on the street to the West Seattle Nursery. We were just checking out the gorgeous fall stuff thats changing colors, blossoming, or growing berries like this amazing purple bush. If I was a real plan extroidinarre I would have noted the name of the bush, but I just enjoyed the berries. PURPLE!! Love it. We were looking for Lavender plants to plant in a pot I'm gonna take from the dump our neighbor has out back. A perfectly good pot they've dumped back there! Finders keepers losers weepers. Then we walked down to the grocery store to get some things for the Turkey I was preparing for dinner. I noticed a the power lines were covered with birds and they were chirping and chirping so loudly. I was fascinated. I pushed the walk button and waited for the light. As I waited I watched the birds and noticed the splatting sound on the ground and the staining of the sidewalk from the birds pooping after eating berries. I even took a second to snap a photo of them! The light turned green and I walked across the street into the store. As I was purchasing some boullion cubes Luka awoke and I chatted with her there in the middle of the aisle. I then noticed a brownish purple chunk on her neck. There was no chocolate in sight and I knew it could only be one thing... BIRD POOP!!!! So add it to the record books... Luka has had her first embarrassing moment.
The culprits! Stupid birds!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Look what I can do!

Luka has developed a new trick! She loves to stick her tongue out! I began sticking my tongue out at her couple of weeks ago to encourage the GIANT smile I got every time. I could see the look of determination on her face every time I did it as she tried to do it her self. She has finally mastered it. My only fear is the next step, that's definitely inevitable... RASPBERRIES. Watch out now, she's a barfer and a spitter. NICE.

Good till the last drop.

Luka was diagnosed with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux). Baiscally her esophagus is not fully developed and it allows her food to come back up frequently. She barf's a lot. It's very common in infants and nothing to worry about right. It peaks in infants at 4 months and usually subsudes by 6 months but can last until about 1 year in some cases. She's a happy GERD baby. Some infants have quite a bit of pain from the stomach acids. So far, she is only slightly bothered by it. The doctor suggested to mix some rice cereal with some mama-milk and spoon feed it to her before breastfeeding. The weight of the thickened food in her belly should help her keep the breastmilk down. SO, we tried it last night and man... she took to the spoon like it was an old friend!!! Good to the last drop.
We feel so proud and lucky to have such a good baby. We're crossing our fingers that we remain as lucky as she develops and grows and changes. For now we are excited that we've reached this milestone.
Oh and expect to be handed a giant burp cloth when holding her! We apologize in advance for any ruined clothes.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We celebrated in style for Dan's birthday! First a few pitchers of beer and friends at the Skylark then a celebration we like to call DANTOBERFEST!! Here's a photo of his gift and the par-taying.
The birthday present.

Skylark Party. Luka's looking more and more like her pop!Dan's new favorite game... something with a hammer and nails, and this poor stump.

The winners get kisses on the cheek from the beer wench.

Uncle Gordon putting Luka OUT! She was sleeping sooo good in his giant long arms.
Monkey see monkey do.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Caught on Camera!

Luka has finally reached out to grab an object. She's been eating her fists for weeks and she just 2 days ago reached for her "Mr. Sunshine" (thanks to who ever got it for us!!). I grabbed the camera quick (is that a first time parent reflex?). Here's her star appearance! To music even... enjoy! Your witnessing history here folks!

Bebe Pod Chair

I purchased this chair for Luka yesterday and she LOVES it! It's giving me and her a new freedom. She seems to feel like she's one of us. For now I shove a little blanket in the sides to support her a little more until she's stronger. But check her out! She's holding her head up really well and REACHING for objects! PS: I know it's bad parenting of me that she's on the counter in this chair and that she could possibly fall out. I realize I should not be putting her up here. oops. Won't do that again, but the photo is priceless.

priceless.... asleep on the job.