Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nice to meet you, Ma'am

This last weekend we purchased Luka big girl panties and it got me thinking about Luka's milestones (and thanks to this post from Amy) and also about my lack of blogging and journaling. When Lu was a newborn it seemed that every day I could not go with out a post or an entry in my journal about how much Luka was doing. First it's the small things like coming home from the hospital, taking our first after dinner walk as a family, going to the grocery store for the first time with my newborn, first public breastfeeding. Then comes the babies first milestones; the meconium, sleeping through the night, rolling over, reaching for toys... Just like Amy said, you go nuts over the smallest detail. Everything is important. It's a sign you're not f'ing up, it's a sign your little one is healthy. I am still going nuts over her milestones but I guess the fact that she has to watch Elmo, or lately it's Snow White, when the computer is out that's been preventing me from making more posts about her. I can't imagine if I'd be able to do this with 2 kiddos.
So since my last post some of Luka's milestones include, her first airplane ride quickly followed by her first visit to another country -England. England held several firsts; first movie on the big screen (ok it was in the living room... but still you should have seen her eye balls), mushy peas, seeing the North Sea (a first for mama too). It was an exciting trip, and one we want to repeat.

Luka also celebrated her 2nd birthday - with three parties!!

She loves telling everyone she meets she's TWO! The other night we went for a walk and she shouted to a man across the street, "HEY, I'm two!" He laughed. She got her first stroller and her 3th baby named Else. She loves the name Else.
So proud of her undies!!
The most recent milestone is her big girl undies! She's been going on the potty now for several weeks. Actually, she's been fiddling around with it for months, but she's been pretty serious since just after her birthday. We pretty much goes with out diapers, or pants for that matter, for most of the day. Outings included! We are still in diapers for bed time and naps, and she's struggling with number 2's on the potty. But I think those are normal things. We rewarded her success by letting her pick out a couple of packages of panties this weekend. She loves them. She chose the princess ones of course - but her 2nd choice was a package with Nemo, Jessie (from Toy Story), Cars, etc... she like the cars on it.

We are so proud of her and most important she's proud of herself.

Aside from the experiences in her life, theres all the amazing things that are happening in her head. She's off the charts with her vocabulary and her talking. She's speaking in complete sentences, and she's quite the mimic. It fascinates me when she says simple things like "I am going to the store to get cake." It's a complete sentence!!!! It has structure, and nouns and modifiers (what are those again?), there is an object, and an action. It's NUTS I tell you. For those of you who've taken a foreign language you might remember how hard it is to form a sentence... she's just doing this. She hasn't memorized flash cards, she just says it. Oh ya and she calls her self Goosie. How cool (and cute) is that?

I love this kid.

Tonight when I came home from work, she ran into the bathroom where I was using the restroom, she said two awesome things.... "Nice to meet you, maam." and then followed it up with a whopper..... "GOOD JOB MAMA, You went potty! You need to wipe?"

So far two is not terrible, it's pretty awesome.