Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Girls, Big Plans, and some plants Part II

:: continued from previous post::

The weather this last Sunday was incredible. Almost 70 degrees!! We took advantage of it and began our garden!! I cannot describe the utter joy I have over having my first garden. My Mom and Dad always had a garden when we could. I loved picking the beans and eating the delicious benefits. We plan to have 2 beds in the front yard - which we were able to install on Sunday. As well as a row of veggies on the side of the house. I think Luka will get as much enjoyment out of it as us. Last summer she was a tomato freak so we got 4 different types of tomato plants to feed the need.

 I watched Gracie the other day and the above photo is the view from my kitchen sink as I washed dishes. The girls are talking to Ollie our cat. They (the cat included) loved playing together. It really got me thinking about having another kid. I've been really nervous, apprehensive, scared, dumbfounded, at a stand-still, etc etc on the topic of another kid. Being a parent, while it's been one of the most joyful things Dan and I have ever done, and while Luka has been far from difficult, has added strain to our relationship as a couple. I miss my husband some days - I miss just being a girlfriend. Some days it feels like we only exist together. And the daily joys we experienced sharing the thoughts tumbling around in our heads, silly wrestling matches, and serious planning talks, etc --- they're not gone, but it's hard to find time to make those things priorities. All that being said, I want Luka to have a sibling. I don't want her to be alone. And having Gracie over for the afternoon, gave me some more insight into what it might be like. I laid my head down that night with a smidge more positivity about having another kid.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Girls, Big Plans, and some plants

Luka's getting bigger and bigger in every way. All she wants is to do it her self - "I do it!" or do it like a big girl - "Big Girl, Mama, BIG!" For a few weeks I was even beginning to wonder if we were going to have to convert her crib to a big girl bed. She had managed to crawl out of 2 different porta-cribs during nap time! One of those times Addie figured out she had crawled out of the when she heard knocking coming from the other side of the door. Pretty Funny, Luka. For several nights after her successful attempts to get out of the portacribs, I think she was attempting to get out of her own crib at home - at 2am. Not funny, Luka.  She seems to have gotten over it, and we've had a week or so of no escape attempts. I'm knocking on wood right now... or probably sticking my foot in my mouth.

Luka, my mom and my self are preparing for trip to England in June to spread the rest of my Dad's ashes. His best friend, Chris Spencer, lives in Norfolk - in a converted Chapel! My Dad visited him during the filming of the 21st century Mummy film. Their special bond grew and grew over the short time that they knew each other into a strong everlasting friendship. When my Dad returned from his visit to Chris he could not stop talking about how peaceful, beautiful, and amazing the Chapel was. He said once that he wanted to live the rest of his life there --- well he's getting his wish. And Chris will get to forever be with his friend - at the Chapel and in peace. Luka was uber excited about her passport. I cannot get over how cute a passport is with a little girls photo on it. I have to say, I am a little nervous about my very social, active, and independent child being on a plane confined to my lap. Yes, I said my lap. I could not stand to pay another $1100 for her to have her own ticket. So pray that she falls asleep at some point, and does not annoy our neighbors. And while your praying.... maybe ask that I might get a wink of sleep too??