Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holidys in our New House

We started out the holiday season in our new house right: 33 people, 6 tables, 1 ham, 1 turkey and countless sides, and sweets. Check out the line up of tables!

Abby Grace mixing drinks! Shes of the mindset that if you mix 7up in Coke it makes the Coke less "spicey".
Excited to see the Holiday Lights with her warm clothes and warm milkey!

Putting up our tree
We love our new house and are looking forward to the rest of our Christmases here.

Lu at the Husky Game!

She sees purple and she says GO! Huskies!! We only make Huskies in this house! She did fantastic at the game. We had an RV where she warmed up before the game at the Tailgate. She was a trooper through the whole game! She passed out in the 4th quarter and slept all the way through until we got off the bus at our car. The outfit change is due to Mama adding a few too many layers... She couldn't move her arms to clap!!

Marching to the game


The big cheese!

Tuckered out baby. I can't remember the last time she fell asleep in my arms.