Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Girl!

So she's officially ONE year old now!

It's so crazy to us. She's a totally independent, smart, and funny girl.  I am so amazed every day. She has about 14 or 15 words already. The Dr. is impressed with her verbal skills. She said she is speaking at the level of a 15 or 18 month old!! Here's just some of the words: Hi, Mama, Papa, Tata (French for Aunty), Si Si, JoJo, Tuh Tuh (Tatey) Toot toot (our cat), chhh (cheese), Ba! (ball), Boon (balloon), shhho (shoe), cie (Gracie)  AND what's this?
The Dr. was really impressed when she said "what's this" during the visit. Her eyes got big! I was one proud mama. She then proceeded to send in the nurse with 2 giant needles to stab Lu's little chubby leg with her immunizations. She really cried hard this time. So hard she was hyperventilating. I finally thought that if I nursed her she would calm down, as I unzipped my hoodie, I zipped her leg up in my zipper!!!! I felt TERRIBLE! I did not think her crying could get any harder.... it did. 

Crazy birthday girl. This is about as "cake faced" as she got. 

Tatey thinking about how that ball and tee look better than his yummy banana cake right now. "BA!" I love his green cake beard.

"Uncle Dan! You get that camera out of my face- RIGHT NOW!"
If you haven't been witness to Silas's preaching, check it out. It's the best.
Good cake face. 

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to. 

Look at that Audience! You can't see about half of them!

the caaaaaake. 

She finally figured out how to blow into the noise maker! She was obviously very proud of her self, as was her grandma... and whom ever is clapping in the foreground.

You only get one FIRST birthday cake! You better make it a good one. Thanks to Mimi of Splendid Cupcake. (I designed her logo... she makes da' bomb cupcakes -- and cake.)

Jeez, does it get any cuter, really?

Uncle Zach and Tatey and Colin came over on my actual birthday and taught me how to hit off a tee and how to field balls. 
Grandma and grandpa down at Alki for my birthday dinner. 

George from C&P Coffee gave me a banana for my birthday. It was so yummy I could not wait until mama opened it.
My BIG girl. I am amazed in her. 

All three in a row. What a fun day.

Leah & Erin- I'm so glad our kids can share an experience like this. I am looking forward to so many more shared fun experiences. Maybe a wedding? No pressure, kids. really.

Lots of memories being made here!

Our lives have been topsy turvey the last month or so. With my Dad's passing, Luka's 1st birthday, lots of friends getting married, West Seattle Street fair, camping trips and the like... we've been busy and full of emotions. 

I said I was going to be better about posting but it's been hard. Here are numerous photos of the last month! ha! Birthday photos to come.... here's just a random sampling of the events.

Future Hydroplane Driver?

I finally got to meet my Great Grandma Betty Joppa!!! She's funny.

Hiking outside of Leavenworth. She's watching the fast river below us.

Driving around in the campground trying to find a good campsite.

After the kids are asleep, the ladies break out a bottle of wine and sit around the fire. What a blast!

Hello! I love camping!

Practicing my poses in the front yard, for the future Miss Hi-Yu competition.

Spreading Dad's ashes from the Bainbridge ferry.

Snuggling in our tent.

First Family camping trip. We had a great time, but the bugs at the first campground were ridiculous! We moved to the KOA in Leavenworth for the second night.  

In the pits with Papa at. The Miss Wahoo was being tested, so we went down to Lake Washington with Papa for his lunch break. 

Selling my jewels at the West Seattle Street fair. It was a blast, and I did really well!

First giant fat lip! :(

Family Fourth of July camping trip. 

Thanks for keeping up with us.