Monday, November 24, 2008

Big City Girl

I'm exploring my face and mouth... I think Silas challenged Luka to a raspberry dual and she's been trying soo hard. Look out for a video soon, she almost has it!

What a great weekend! Saturday was filled with PJ's, pancakes, terrible football, jewelry making, and an engagement party for our friends Scott and Laura. They have asked me to make their wedding rings, and this weekend she wanted to have an engagement ring to wear to the party. I crafted a lovely little number and it was a hit. The sweet little necklace I crafted looked amazing on her as well... if I do say so myself. Sunday, Luka went on her first adventure to the big city! We wanted to take in all that was the amazingly gorgeous day yesterday so we headed downtown. We were also doing a little scouting for the big THREE O partay that's coming up...sheesh. We hit up Belltown, Pike Place Market, and the Olympic Sculpture park. I love my husband and I love my baby.  We are such a fun family. I wish every day could be the weekend. 

This is what you get when you ask random strangers to take your photo... he was not the best photographer.

Better photographer, Dan. Oh, yea.... I got some bangs cut this weekend... LOVE EM!!

 Here's Scott and Laura, after opening the engagement ring box. How fun to have the engagement ring be a surprise to both the bride and groom! I'll post photos soon of the ring to my Rebekah J Designs Blog. 

 Passed out in the Bjorn on the big city walk. too cute. She loves the Bjorn Allie, thanks for loaning it to us.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Chatty Luka

We went to Trophy Cupcake a few days back and Luka decided to tell everyone what she thought. I think she's saying, "Good luck Jenny.... you don't know it yet, but your about to me a mommy in 5 seconds!" Well not literally 5 seconds, but in a matter of days, our friend Jenny gave birth to a healthy baby boy 5 and a half weeks early!! Welcome to the world little Wes. Can't wait to meet you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

big time

It was not planned.... well not planned for last night, that is... but Luka slept in her big girl bed last night. She's been having a tough time with this second tooth. It bothers her in the night and she's not been sleeping as well. Last night she awoke at about 12:30 when we were coming to bed. I tried to rock her back to sleep to no avail. I wanted to give her some baby Tylenol and I needed both my hands to do it, so I laid her in her crib so I could administer, and right after I gave her back her binki she was out!! I couldn't bear to move her! It must have been a sign that it's time. Big girl!
She's also making kissy sounds. I've been waking up at 4am to smacking kiss noises coming from the bassinet. It's too cute. I think she might be a south paw, she seems to favor using her left hand. Thanks grandma Bobbie.
If any of you are feeling the spirit and would like to see a live nativity, Luka will be participating as baby Jesus!! December 12th at Highline Christian Church. Performances are at 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Uncle Kevin Turns 21!

I'm a little late posting this, but I'm catching up on posts today. My little brother turned 21 on the 9th and we celebrated with dinner and drinks at Mick Kelley's in Burien. 

"Oh, my god Luka you are sooo cute!"

yum yum

She's got some bird lips and quite an appetite! 


for Obama.... thanks Auntie Margo. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We got this bouncy door swing thing from my brothers girlfriend, Jessica. I had it tucked away for when she was old enough and today I thought it was time.... LOOK AT HER GO! She had such a good time. Please ignore all my annoying prodding to get her to smile and talk. She loves looking at the camera,  but not talking to it. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanks GiGi!

Grandma GiGi (Gail Jones) got Luka some cool bath toys for Halloween! She really enjoys the bath and these make it even more fun. Thanks GiGi!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh our little savior! And a little tooth.

We have been having a terrible time getting Luka to take the bottle. She did great when we started her at around 6 weeks, for about 2 months. Then suddenly she would not take it. I've tried multiple nipples including a bottle that cost FOURTEEN DOLLARS! Actually it cost $28, because on the first trip to purchase the bottle I unknowingly dropped it outside the car as I was loading Luka up, and came home with out it. We had to go back the next day to get another one. I have a few sippy cups around for Colin and JoJo to use so I tried to see if she might like those as well. She seemed to like the idea but the part that you sip from was a little too big and hard for her mouth. Not to mention that there are 3 giant holes that the milk streams out of, so she was choking on the milk. We found these sippy cups at Target called sippy trainers. (Green jar Luka is feeding her self with... genius! I swear!) The part they put in their mouth is soft and she can gum it. She took it like a champ. And they were only $3 for two! We also, just incase the sippy cups weren't a hit, purchased one more bottle. She took that too!!! I am not sure if we just happened to find two ways to feed Luka by chance though. She has been teething and the tooth has popped out in the last few days.... it's possible that all the trouble with the bottles was just because of her teething. None the less.... we're going out to party.... WHO WANTS TO BABY SIT!?!?!?! She'll be good for you (i hope). As today comes to a close and I sit infront of the fire, filling out my ballot, I am relishing in the fact that we've had 2 days of successful bottle taking. YEA!