Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do the Puyallup!

Luka is adding to her list of firsts daily. She's found her hands and is constantly going cross eyed looking at them. My mothers words, "if you keep doing that they are going to stay that way" are ringing in my ears. She's begun sleeping through the night! Bed time at about 10:30 , up at about 6:30 or 7... somedays as late as 8:30! She's hit a small stumbling block with bottles for a few days. She decided that if mom is in the room there is no way she's going to take a bottle... the real thing is much better. We finally figured out her issue and I go in the other room. She's also playing with her mouth, trying new shapes for her lips and sticking out her tongue. We keep making razzberries at her, or "motorboats" as we call them, and she seems to want to make them as well. Were seeing spit bubbles form but no razzing yet. I am sure it will be along soon enough. 

I had my first full day away from Luka yesterday. Gramma Bobbie came and stayed the night and Dan and I went to the UW vs. Stanford game. Kick off was at 7 and we began tailgating at 3! It was a great time! I missed Luka, but I think I did better than I expected... I only called home once. Of course the experienced Gramma Bobbie had no need to call me! 

Another first for Luka was the Puyallup Fair! We went in the pouring rain with Leah, Pierre and Silas. We had a great time and ate a TON of food!  

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday walk

We walked about 6 miles round trip on Sunday enjoying the GORGEOUS day. Summer seems to be hanging on by a thread and we are grasping at all the sun we can get before it's gone. Plus Luka loves to go on walks!
Check out this Seattle family photo!

Lovin' my Pop

We hit the Husky game again. We were hoping that Luka would be the good luck charm the Dawgs needed, but it looks like it's not working. None the less, tailgating is a great time.

They are making the same face! Some say she looks like me, but I'm beginning to see more and more of her pop.

A football lovers dream.

Peyton and Jen partying it up! Look at those cheeks!

She loves the sound of the crowd. She's either cheering with them or sleeping through it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Call the ZOO!

Luka went to the zoo for the first time this last week. So many firsts!!! She had a great time eating while watching the elephants and getting her pants changed in front of a bear! WOW! Her favorite things were the butterfly exhibit and the FLAMINGOS! We were really excited to see the monkey exhibit (to see how she compares to the other monkeys) but they were all asleep! We could only find ONE!

I'm checking out that bear over there... did he see anything during my diaper change?

Get your groove on Lu!

I'm sorry but does it get any cuter than a giggling baby?

Back there behind us in the tree is the ONE monkey we saw... and he was so boring!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Luka LOVES the bath!

Here's a short video of Luka in the bath. Hope you don't mind a little "revealing". It's baby parts! But her little kicking legs are too cute! Check out how she responds to her name, too! Dan and I talking in baby talk is an added extra..... Enjoy!

Hey you!

We have so many fun things happening in Luka's and our lives that we've gotta share! You all know she came to us on July 15th, 2008, and now you've gotta see what else is going on.

This last weekend she attended her first Husky game. We are new season ticket holders this year! We are hoping that the year improves from the first two games. Although the last game was a loss it was a great game. None the less Luka enjoyed her self and so did Peyton. We tailgate and sit with our good friends Luke and Jen Lysen and their daughter Peyton. That's Luke "flying" Peyton around at the tailgate party in the parking lot.

She also loves hanging out with grandpa! He's so nice to talk to. We're lucky to have our families so close so that we can see them frequently. We have so many great friends and family and we thank our lucky stars that we have such a positive happy place to raise Luka. Check out the latest picnic in the park with Silas, Pierre and Leah, and Colin, Tate and Erin! What a fun warm almost end of summer day. We're sad to see it go so we tried to take advantage last Sunday in Seward Park. THAT'S A LOT OF BABIES!