Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More No-hi-ee... please

I needed another Hawaii fix, and remembered that I had not loaded my pics from my Nikon. How can you not take a good picture with such incredible subjects. The landscape and the kid... ok so enough with the words and on with the pics. (but read on at the end)

The Curls.

This is what happens when your kid sleeps for 3 hours on the beach. They wake up dancing! Wouldn't you?!

14.5 years... still in love and hotter than we were when we met.

Canoe ride!

We're on stage at the Luau. I'm listening... Luka? Not so much. She knows her own dance.
The trip was really fantastic. You know how when you are on the plane on the way home and your exhausted and ready to be home and you feel stuffy, and stuck and tired and need to pee and need to stretch your legs...... dot dot dot, you feel like you're gonna loose it if the plane does not land NOW. Well try having all that and being 2. It's hard. And she lost it a little on the way home.

Let me set the scene: (imagine shrill screaming) "YOUR HURTING ME!!!!!!!!!" The seat belt is jammed up in her ribs but only because she's doing that little slippery move that only a child can do and the seat belt is no longer on her hips where it should be. So she unbuckles it. Over and over and over and over again. The nice stewardess comes by and offers help: "Hi Honey, the pilot needs to land the plane so you've got to put your belt on so we can land. Can you buckle up?" she said it so sweetly. "DOOOOON'T TALK TO ME! DON'T LOOK AT ME" (again screaming shrilly). I want to laugh and cry all at the same time.
I choose instead to ignore her. While I'm ignoring her, I'm suddenly thankful for the bastard last row of the airplane -don't recline - everybody's butt in your face while they wait for the toilet and shimmy around each other to make room for the beverage service cart (which is gonna take 800 years to get to us) - seats we are in. I'm thankful because there is no one behind us to watch us in our moment of toddler beauty. Dan and I look at each other and give each other the nod. It's the - we can't say anything else that will make this better so we just need to stop - nod. Then like a smack in the face I remember all the times I've spent in judgment of parents. Now, mind you I'm understanding and accepting, and don't go around hating on people. But given this situation I probably would have said some nasty mean thoughts about their parenting skills. "Oh great. Just ignore her, that's gonna help." or how about this one? "Woah, control your child". Ya, I've said those things before. I've even said them after being a parent. But who am I kidding some time's control is just gone. Some times you just lose it. Some times you have to stop feeding the beast for it to quit.

We stopped feeding the beast, and after about 5 minutes, she was quiet. And we made home safe. No one punched us, no one said anything to us, and no one even turned around to look at us in disgust.


Jenny said...

i need hawaii...minus the plane trip!

let's make plans soon, my friend katrina wants to join us!

Tiny Tribe said...

Nice- now I am trying not to think about the flights to and from Mexico but instead I am going to scroll up and look and your beautiful sandy beach pictures again, ahhhhhh... it's worth it, right?

Rebekah J said...

Jenny- yes, I want to get together and I also want to see your chickens! I have questions about those chika!

Jena- its so worth it.

RCS said...

Just ran into your blog.

Pretty great to have such a fine family. You are blessed.

My parents are now both gone, so I'm with my siblings and spouses . . .

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Celebration. I bet it's spectacular!

Best Wishes,


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