Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mama's day 2011

The Scene: 8 am, mama in bed, bubbly girl "checking" on a sleeping in mama.

Luka: HI MAMA! It's a mama's day!

Mama: Ya, it is. (smiling)

minutes later, papa joins the snuggling.

Papa: Luka, did you remember to tell Mama what day it is?

Luka: Yep, it's a Mamas day.

Mama: Lu, did you know there's a papa's day too, and it's coming up?

Luka: YA!! A papa's day, a mama's day, ANNNNDDD A LUKA's Day!! (with extreme excitement!)

I had a great mothers day. Breakfast, coffee, family, family, food and more family. I love my family. No [literal] pampering for me for mothers day, but my family sure is a joy and it's such a pleasure to entertain them in our home - that was the pampering I needed.

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Jenny said...

happy mother's day rebekah! you are a great Mom and your family is just precious.